When I will see the first results?

It is individual, but you can see the muscle enlargment right away after your workout. Muscles will get pumped and you will see instant change. Masseter muscle is muscle as any muscle in your body, so expect everything exactly as if you workout at gym. The visible changes will appear in 2-3 weeks if you exercise correctly. It may take around 6 months for a significant jawline transformation, but there is no limit, you can grow the muscle as much as you want.

How long is shipping time?

Europe: 5-7 days.

North America: 5-7 days.

South America, Africa, Asia, Australia: 7-14 days.

* This is an estimation based on previous deliveries. Some countries have a more complicated procedure and some have a faster one. 

Are materials safe to put in a mouth?

Yes exercisers are made from top quality food-grade polymer. Nothing is toxic.

Can Jaw-fitness damage my teeth?

No, it cannot, because materials are made from rubber like substance which does not damage your teeth.

What is difference between resistances, which resistance should I use?

If you are a beginner with no experience of training your jaw muscles we recommend you to start with Jaw-fitness White/Beginner option. Later you can change to Jaw-fitness Black/Advanced.

Difference between them is that Black-Advanced are made from harder material with resistance 60lbs/cm2 and low range of motion and White-Beginner are made from softer material with resistance 40lbs/cm2 and high range of motion.