1. Take chewing tabs

2. Rinse in water or mouthwash

3. Place tabs on molar teeth                  

4. Perform chewing exercises (see example below)

5. Rinse tabs again

6. Store tabs in the carry case




1. Start by warming your muscles with 30 slow bites

2. Rest for 1-2 minutes

3. Perform 40 maximum-force bites with a 3-seconds pause at the end of each bite

4. Rest for 3 minutes

5. Perform 50 medium-force bites with 1-second pauses in between

6. Rest for 2 minutes

7. Perform 40 fast bites with no pauses in between

8. Stretch your jaw muscles by opening the mouth as wide as possible and hold that position for 15-20 seconds

 (This is only exercise example and we advise you to start slowly to prevent  any overtraining of your jaw muscles, so if you feel intense pain stop your exercise or make your exercise lower reps.)



To achieve the fastest results, we recommend doing intense 10-15 minute chewing workouts at least 4 times a week. You can adjust your workout by increasing sets and reps as you feel stronger and you can create your own type of exercises, based on your needs and feeling. The exercises should produce maximum muscle fatigue to stimulate the most efficient jaw muscle growth. But be careful, do not overtrain your muscles!


Pro Tip, store them with mouthwash for a minty taste!